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The company Avioturismo Sardinia has been active since 1980. At the beginning, with the name of Autoshop s.r.l. was responsible for selling cars. Detected in the mid-eighties by Silvia and Riccardo, over the years has repeatedly converted its operations and changed its name.
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Today owns and personally manages a distributor of Gas Street Car St. Helens, Cagliari. Differentiates its business dealing also houses a prestigious holiday village overlooking the pretty Bay of Angels.
For this field you have chosen to turn to small families (up to a couple with two small children), which hardly find houses suitable to their needs in a market largely consists of houses with a minimum of eight beds.
Tourists are also offers for rent a small cabin cruiser moored sailing and motor in the prestigious Marina Piccola port of Cagliari, a trimaran motor available at the dock of the village and the ability to make tourist flights to the coast with a Piper Saratoga capable of transporting up to five passengers.
Currently Avioturismo Sardinia, responding to growing demand for aircraft mainly from central and northern Europe in building a small airport near Monastir.
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The structure, in addition to the runway, provides support services to the flight, catering, supply self credit card and free shuttle to the cottages.

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